We have departed a time when “power hair” meant one thing; blow dried straight and forced into submission with a flat iron. Today, 'power hair' is whatever you choose it to be. Power hair could mean a wash and go style or highly stylized. It could be showcasing your natural texture, rocking your gray or exploring your inner bohemian beach blonde. 




Your hair makes a statement and tells a story to others about

you, your goals and aspirations. It is a manifestation of you

on the inside and you choose which components of your

unique personality you wish to share.


My inspiration is giving you hair which represents you at the core.


I teach the tools for you to understand your hair type

and texture, once and for all. All hair textures have

challenges which change as we age. When you understand

your texture and type, you will be able to easily and

efficiently style your hair, like a pro, for any

occasion.Bespoke is a private studio located in the

neighborhood of Inman Park, where time and attention is solely

devoted to you by stylist Abigail Unger.

I began my craft 17 years ago as an apprentice for Nick Arrojo (of

'Not What to Wear') in Manhattan where I continued for 12 years

working amongst the industries top leaders. While in NYC, I

participated in runway and editorial print for high profile fashion

houses yet my passion is behind the chair helping each person

to develop their own personal sense of style. I am trained in all

the major schools of hairdressing.

I attend to my guests from consultation to check out. I hand pick

specific products to carry and carefully research the latest

techniques and treatments available.

Without the distractions of a conventional salon, both my

clients and I have the luxury to truly focus on what we are

going to create together. This is a style which truly

represents what my guest wishes communicate to though


We have a strong connection to our hair. This is why we

have almost a instinctive need to make a change when we

experience a significant event in our life. To embrace the

importance of image and how we present ourselves, is taking

action for the direction we wish our lives to take. It is my joy to

make sure that message is clear, authentic and beautiful.