I love the care that you take with my hair and your craft and making me feel more comfortable with myself. Even more, I like that you spend time to know me my dreams, and never stop encouraging me to grow and stretch and be more than I think I can be. Doing hair is the physical part of your craft, but inspiring woman to become more is the core of your heart.

Thank you for being amazing what you do and exceptional the inspiration you share with others you are truly one-of-a-kind, making an impact on everyone you touch.

-Joann Celbulski 

This is what I experienced: you understood my questions about aging hair, promised I would not look shoe polished like my aunt Anna, and did something no stylist has ever suggested – Highlights – which solved issues addressed with for two decades.

This is what I liked: You listened when I said my morning hair time is three minutes, top end, and gave me a kicky cut that gets me out of the door in less than that. Really.

This is my result: last week I flew to Texas for two days of classes for people I did not know. I did not wear hats I did not take a hat, and, wait for it: I was not embarrassed by my hair.

With graditutude for the comfort you provide logistically, functionally, and emotionally.


-Wendy L. Kinney 

Abbi Is the most talented hairstylist I've ever experienced. She is amazing with color and cutting techniques. She makes me feel like a million bucks every time I walk out of her studio I've been going to Abby for 10 years and can honestly say if you like someone who is both talented and willing to take the time to truly understand what you want with your style, Abbi is the only person I recommend.

-Claire Brimmer 

Is so committed to her craft, haircare, mission and soul care. She spends the time to get the picture of your best style before she makes a single suggestion. I completely enjoyed my session she translated my personal seat into my personal style. Abigail creative two distinct looks for my different moods.

-Mie Potter 

Abigail is truly committed to making you beautiful. She does so much more than hair and makeup; She empowers you and builds confidence. Five stars !

-Catheryn Marshall 

I have struggles to find the right stylist for years. My hair has natural curls and stylists always encouraged me to keep it long, but I could not keep the hair flat or in tight curls as well as the stylist. It always frizzed or hung funny. Looking forward to a summer with my short curls and “cooler” style.

-Allyson Turco McCarthy 

Thank You soooo Much! Love my highlights and hair cut! You are wonderful!


-Stephanie Nolan Green 

She is the freaking best!!!


-Michelle Lowe 

Abigail is a great stylist with a wonderful vision. You will definitely have to experience her services and treatment, as reviews will not be sufficient to describe the overall experience. You will receive the best possible one on one treatment at Abbi's modern looking salon, while stealing simply at home. 

-Serkan Orsan 

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